Monday, November 29, 2010

Vogue Russia December 2010 Jessica Stam styled by Ekaterina Mukhina wears Sunsational Art to EyeWear Sculpted Cat Ear Sunglasses by Mercura NYC

Jessica Stam in Vogue Russia(part of cover story) December 2010, styled by Ekaterina Muhkina, photo Greg Kadel, Mercura Sunglasses, sculpted cat sunglasses with veils

Friday, November 26, 2010

Vogue Italia 2010, styled Lori Goldstein, Photo Steven Meisel

Mercura NYC for Mercura Sunglasses featured in a series of pages of Vogue Italia, fantasy Runway, the issue featured Karlie Kloss on the cover. The Runway story is big and photographed in New York City. Our sunglasses are featured on lots of the pages, but we have never posted them on our blog before(there are more in the previous frame of blog also) as some viruses kept our blog down for months. In retrospect and future, the luscious colors, festive celebration of hot energy really feel like the images are timeless.
The crystal frames with crystal leash on this page are also featured in W summer 2010 with a cashmere dress by Chanel

Vogue Italia Merura NYC for Mercura Sunglasses Steven Meisel Lori Goldstein

Images from fantasy Runway Issue Vogue Italia 2010 of Mercura NYC for Mercura Sunglasses styled by Lori Goldstein photos Steven Meisel.
Beyond the popart intense rich color construction, fluffe femme fatale powder pink puff, crystal leashes, nets of gold, carnival color bubbles there are more Mercura NYC images in this celebration of relentless carnival issue, still to be posted♥

Christy Turlington by Steven Meisel as Holly Golightly with Mercura Cigarette holder
Photo by Steven Miesel. Unique cigarette holder sculpted by Mercura NYC for Mercura Sunglasses originally in the 1980's worn above adds the luxury to the glorious image. We both love Christy Turlington♥❤ so are excited about the photo. The cigarette holder made here in Manhattan a few blocks from the West Village location of Holly's appartment and party space in the film. Magazine Russian Glamour.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Classic spikes by Mercura NYC for Mercura Sunglasses on Donald Carmichael

Our spike frame is hot and been hot for a long time! Futuristic on Donald♥ .

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Performing Artist Amber Rose in Sunsational Art to EyeWear Futuristic Crystals, Mirrors, & Spikes by Mercura NYC Sunglasses

The exquisite Amber Rose in Mercura NYC for Mercura Sunglasses back stage at Indashio Spring Summer 2011
Dripping with crystals; Stacy Engman, curator, has a similar pair, Mercura NYC began making these dripping frames at the Hotel Chelsea originally in the 1980's, Amber's are made
mixing some of the materials found in their early paintings of the seventies, strands and plexi glass, paint, fluid fiber drips.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Interview link for Mercura NYC for Mercura Sunglasses by Eboyne' Jackson


Interview by Eboyne' Jackson with Mercura NYC for Mercura Sunglasses


styled by Jessica Bosch
Clothes by Eva Rodriguez and Karelle Levy

D.A.M. magazine by Eboyne' Jackson with Mercura NYC


NICKI MANAJ in Mercura Headdress styled by Jessica Bosch

In this photo: Krel Wear, Jessica Bosch (photos), NICKI MANAJ (remove tag), Mercura Sunglasses (photos | remove tag), Eva Rodriguez

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Stella Tenant smiles in black filigree metal frames by Mercura NYC in V

Photo by David Sims, styled by Beat Bolinger
another pair of our black filigree frames(Minnie Bow) are coming out this month on the cover of Factoria Magazine
and the Scissor Sisters have them on their world tour so stay tune for more♥❤

Jessica Stam featured in crystal Cat eyes with crystal leash Mercura NYC W Editorial
styled by Alex Whie
These are the frames Zoe Twiit features in her Spring 2011 Collection

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

October 2010 winner of contest , customer will not say where!

Customer wears purchased Mercura NYC Sunglasses in some contest last month but will not tell us where. These mirrored bubbles continue (a trend we started in 198o's and have continued on big frames) to be hot s do our flat mirrors
The winner is Mercura! The wearer is secretive!

Mirror details on Mercura Sunglasses Amber Valetta in Steven Klein shoot

Patti Wilson stylist, mirror details here on Amber Valletta, March 2009 with Dior Couture, photo Steven Klein for Vogue Italia Couture.

Patti Wilson also featured Mercura NYC sunglasses with mirror detailing in the Barbie Show, Barbie's 50th Anniversary runway in New York City. Memo, in 1987 earlier photos in magazines of Mercura NYC mirrors and shocking mirror backed bubbles on large JO frames which we continuously
are making for celebs

Taylor Swift in Mercura NYC plus article about mirrors ineyewear
We started making mirrored eyewear and jewelry decades ago. We actually have big mirrored painting constructions also, from the seventies and recall Mary McFadden showing our huge mirrored ear rings flowing right to the shoulders in her Couture Fashion show in 1990. Most recently Curly Velasquez (LA) and Indashio (NYC) presented our mirrored sunglasses in their Spring 2011 collections. We will be blogging photos from Thailand for Spring 2011 with mirrors. This earlier link about Taylor Swift in the NY Times magazine section is an interesting angle. Please check it if you have a moment!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Finally more on the newsstands October ZINK Mercura Sunglasses Styled by Newheart Ohanian

October 2010 ZINK late to our local newsstand, but Mercura NYC lovers, Universal Newsstand has a new big stack!